Eunice Dwumfour, a Republican Councilwoman in New Jersey, was killed outside her home and there has been little to no coverage on the mainstream media front.

We only point out this fact because we feel certain if she were a Democrat, the story would be all over social media and the mainstream news networks to call for more gun control or to claim ‘rightwing extremists are at work’.

Many news outlets did have some online stories, but that is not the same as the wall-to-wall speculation and talk that would be going on MSNBC and all of the Leftist social media if this woman had the letter D by her name instead of the R.


Sad, but true.

Why is it that black lives only seem to matter if that black life agreed with everything the Left slams down our throats?

They will not. Again, black lives only matter if they toe the party line of the Left.

We will say CNN seemed to be more involved in actually covering the story than many other outlets. Maybe they are trying to turn over a new leaf after all.

No trending hashtag on Twitter about gun control surrounding this story. So weird …

They do. Murder is illegal in every state as it is, but surely there is a law of some sort that could keep this from happening in NEW JERSEY of all places. How could it happen there? They have the BEST gun laws.

It is not too surprising. We already covered the fact that she did not carry the correct ‘victim cards’ for the Left to care about her life.

Indeed. There is no hoax. A person has really passed away and that is so sad. We pray for her family and friends and are sorry for their loss.

We do hope in our writing about this story helps bring some attention to her case and that she gets justice because her life did matter, no matter her political persuasion.


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