President Joe Biden is so desperate to keep the abortion issue in the forefront while shrugging off his own responsibility for inflation that last night he IMAGINED an America where Republicans are somehow responsible for lowering costs when it is HIS administration that created the issue to begin with.

He also seems to believe abortion is a constitutional right (it isn’t).

We get it, he wants to keep Democrats riled up so they go vote in the midterm elections but while he was imagining others decided to hit him with a BIG dose of reality.

That one would take a BIG imagination. Twitchy readers are pretty sarcastic and creative and we are not sure if they can even imagine something that impossible.

OUCH, that one hit quite a few targets.

Abortion is NOT a constitutional right and therefore was sent back to the states for each state to decide. Yes, that is red meat for Democrats to yell about and they have been yelling about it for years but the reality is if they cared so much about abortion rights they could have crammed it through and made it a federal law and protected it when they had majorities like when they passed OBAMACARE. They did not do it, because they like being able to yell about it. PERIOD.

This editor has a bit of a libertarian streak so the idea the government stays out of the way is very appealing.

Pointing out that government spending by his own administration is one of the causes of inflation was a popular sentiment. They have spent and spent and spent some more and even spent some more and called it the Inflation Reduction Act. Will it reduce inflation? Very doubtful.

We can’t imagine Democrats ever securing the border or spending less so we are obviously living in reality while Biden and the Democrats are in Fantasy Land.

There you have it. The President who ran on UNITY always being so kind to the other side. It’s not like he ever said Republicans would ‘put y’all back in chains’, called republicans fascists, called a Fox News reporter a ‘Stupid Son of a B****’, or anything. He’s always so unifying and kind. Nothing like the mean things Trump used to say!  (that was all sarcasm for any of you who aren’t used to Twitchy.)

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Keep imagining Biden! We will keep hitting you with reality.

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