Rush Limbaugh was a conservative giant and is greatly missed in most conservative circles; even if you were not a fan, you probably at least know of him. Yesterday, Oliver Willis, a writer and fairly prominent Leftist account on Twitter, decided to remind everyone that Rush was no longer living among us.

So it is true, that Rush has passed, but you know what Mr. Willis? He is still alive in the hearts of many and apparently still living rent-free in your head! We get it, at Twitchy we poke fun at the Left on a regular basis and we understand teasing the other side of the aisle. We still found Oliver’s tweet particularly obnoxious because there was no prompt for it, he just simply decided to make a clown of himself. We were not alone in thinking it was out of bounds. Many people took Willis to task over the tweet.

It is doubtful there will be anyone who cares enough about Mr. Willis or his writings to give a random reminder about his passing.


They are all right. Everyone has heard of Rush, whether they loved him or not and Oliver can not seem to let go. We also observed a lot of people who wanted to give Willis some reminders about his own ‘reminder’.

Most everyone agreed that even if you were not his biggest fan, just randomly dancing on his grave was not a good look.

Here are the facts, Rush Limbaugh made a HUGE impact, and no matter how much Oliver Willis tries to pretend Limbaugh’s voice is weakened, simply tweeting about him not being alive proves his memory is not gone and will not be gone for a very long time. STAY CLASSY OLIVER.

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