Kat Tembarge, a journalist for NBC News tweeted about racism and the Jackson Mississippi water crisis Wednesday evening, and Stephen Miller AKA @RedSteeze took her apart with the skills we at Twitchy have come to know and love.

It started like this:

Leftists never take responsibility for anything so you can imagine how it went from there.

Of course, in proper lefty form, rather than admitting Miller had a point Kat decided to call everyone replying to her a racist. Because we are just big ole’ meanies who want people to drink dirty water, breathe dirty air, and die. Why else would we bring attention to the completely cruddy policies that led to the issue to begin with? The only possible answer is RACISM!

Never one to let a Leftist get away with insanity, Steeze put his prediction and her tweet side by side to prove the point and we are all here for it.

We found others in agreement and willing to take Tenbarge to school.

UGGH. None of us want to help pay off another person’s debt, but when that person behaves like that it is pouring a bit of salt in the wound.

Mentioning that Democrats control an area or had a hand in a policy that led to something awful is ALWAYS racist Jim! Everyone knows that!

For his final act in the schooling of Tenbarge, Stephen Miller threw gas on the fire and applied the ‘Structural and Environmental’ racism plot to another issue, and boy it HURTS.

You CAN apply that crap to anything and it is not pretty. Make trash policy and if it turns out bad, blame it on some sort of RACISM. It can be structural, environmental, systematic, whatever, make a word up it can be that too. Welp, at least we can all laugh at the insanity together!