Alec Baldwin stooped to a new low tonight with his pathetic, unwarranted tweet about the late new media legend Andrew Breitbart. In an apocalyptic showdown with fellow actor Adam Baldwin of Full Metal Jacket and Independence Day fame, Alec invoked Andrew Breitbart’s name for no apparent purpose, causing conservatives and even some of Alec’s own fans to hold him accountable.

Though it’s foolish to expect civility from a man who offends the families of 9/11 victims and calls his own 11-year old daughter a “thoughtless pig,” Alec’s comments show an unrepentant disrespect for the wife and children who survived Andrew Breitbart.

After Alec’s initial tweet, it didn’t take long for Adam and his fans to start fighting back.

Translation: I forgive you if you’re drunk tonight, I know it’s late in Cannes.

Translation: He who searches for truth six days a week is not searching for truth.

The Twitter reaction was not favorable for Alec. Even his fans distanced themselves from his callous, unprovoked remark about Andrew Breitbart.


Alec Baldwin still has more “questions” about Andrew Breitbart’s tragic death.