The panic experienced by liberals following President Obama’s disastrous debate performance hasn’t diminished. If anything, the trauma of their hero’s meltdown continues to provide a 24/7 source of obsession.

Some might have hit upon the true reason for O’s verbal catastrophe, though: He’s bored. Seriously. Being president is, like, hard and stuff, and as conservative writer Byron York of the Washington Examiner points out, Obama’s not one to plant himself for the long haul when it comes to work.

Yep, he’s a runner! (Maybe that’s why he’s been so effective running for office and so awful at holding it?)

There was general agreement among Twitter commenters:

York suggests the biggest motivation to run for re-election may simply be to avoid the dreaded “loser” tag, to which one astute tweeter replies:

One Twitter user says the prez’s engine is revving up thanks to the Tea Party:

Uh oh. Did she use the word “rage” to describe something related to Obama? Sounds like we’ve got another entry for the Handbook of Racial Code Words!

Editor’s note: In an earlier version of this post, we incorrectly attributed the final tweet to an Obama cheerleader. In fact, #anngogh appears to be a Tea Party conservative. We regret the error!