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'This is stupid:' Australian school suspends 10-year-old for telling trans student to use boys room

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Back in August, Twitchy reported on the arrest of an autistic girl in the UK. Her 'crime'? Telling a police officer she looked like a lesbian and/or Conan O'Brien. No, we're not making that up.


Today, Australia continues the Left's proud tradition of punishing autistic children for ungoodthink by suspending a 10-year-old autistic girl for telling a 'trans-identifying' student to use the boys' restroom.

This is ridiculous and stupid. Not The Bee reports:

If you know anything about autism you know how ridiculous this story is.

A 10-year-old autistic Australian girl was suspended from school recently after encountering a trans-identifying boy in the girls' restroom and asking him to use the boys' room.

A two-day suspension for an autistic 10-year-old who, due to the way her brain is wired, simply told the truth to another student. That's what autistic kids do, they tell the truth. Everything that is true is true, and everything that is false is false. So when a boy walks into the girls' room, even if he's dressed like a girl, an autistic child is bound to make a deal out of it — because it's extremely confusing.

The school suspended her for 'behaving in a manner that posed a danger, whether actual, perceived or threatened, to the health, safety, or wellbeing of any person.'

'Perceived' means that anything -- anything -- can be a 'danger' because everyone has a different perception of the same even. It's some Orwellian insanity.


So insane even Elon Musk noticed:

That says it all.

The entire point is that anything you say can be offensive to someone. It gives the Left MASSIVE amounts of control. Which is the entire point.

Isn't intersectionality grand? There's always a hierarchy. And it's subject to change on a whim.

Some emotional stress is more equal than others.

You're not off-base. Autism is classified by many things, but it impacts social interaction and communication skills, and those on the spectrum are often very literal people. They don't grasp these social rules, which makes them a target-rich population for the perpetually aggrieved.


Perfectly stated.

No lies detected.

Nailed it. But the Left has a flowchart of whose perceived danger trumps someone else's. 'Trans-identifying' student wins over autistic girl in the bathroom.

Which flies in the face of things we've been taught since childhood about trusting our gut when it comes to our safety: we're supposed to ignore those very real feelings so we don't offend someone, even if it means putting ourselves or our daughters in danger.

Sad state of affairs.

Yes. Yes it was.


And we get to watch it unfold in real time.

Penal colonies gonna penal colony, we guess. But at least the gardens are lovely.

It can't be tolerated. It gets in the way of the agenda.


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