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Egads: Video of bizarre, unsafe gun range practice is making Twitter/X cringe


Sometimes a video pops up on our timeline that makes us do a double take.

This is one of those videos. Watch:



This is the face most of us made watching this.

We may have watched with our eyes (mostly) covered.

Maybe don't copy everything you see on TV, okay?

We hope they are, too.

Textbook definition.

Never, ever, ever.


Repeat as necessary until it sinks in.

It's that horrifying to watch.

It gave us anxiety, too.

Gun safety is pretty simple. And being in the line of fire at a gun range is definitely on the 'DO NOT DO THIS' list.

Keen observations, both.

We tend to agree.


So many dumb ways to die.

We can't argue with this.

Yes, please page Darwin to the white courtesy phone.

There were a few tweets that did find dark humor in this situation.

We chuckled.

Chuckled hard.

'Never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line' and never get in the line of fire at the range.


Worst game ever.

That says it better than we could have. On the upside, lots of people seem to understand basic gun safety and that you don't do this -- with blanks or airsoft rifles or anything.


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