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'Do not trust the press'; CNN says yelling at your kids is the same as physical, sexual abuse


The media used to have a set of ethics and guideposts by which it would conduct itself. Used to. These days, the media doesn't seem to be guided by any principles outside of clicks and carrying water for the Left. 


And it's up to us to hold them accountable.

Really, CNN? 'As harmful' as sexual or physical abuse?

But wait until you read the opening paragraphs (emphasis added):

Parents, teachers, coaches and other adults shouting at, denigrating or verbally threatening children can be as damaging to their development as sexual or physical abuse, a new study finds.

The study, published in the journal Child Abuse & Neglect, reviewed 166 earlier studies to produce a detailed analysis of the existing literature on the topic.

The authors called for childhood verbal abuse to be ascribed its own category of maltreatment to facilitate prevention.

So the headline says 'shouting', but the story (and the study) are referring to denigrating and verbally threatening behavior. They call it verbal abuse. Which is abuse.

Not merely 'shouting.'

Because every parent, no matter how good, has shouted at their child(ren) at some point. Anyone who says they haven't is probably lying to you. That is not abuse.

No, you do not.


It really is. 

Comparing yelling, or shouting, to sexual and physical abuse is abhorrent.

CNN should be ashamed of itself.

We trust week old gas station sushi more.

These two things aren't even in the same universe.

Good luck with that, CNN.

Remember, discipline is a bad thing.


At least they're consistent, we suppose.

Common sense is so uncommon, it's practically a superpower.

The Community Note visible on Twitter/X reads:

The actual study claims that verbal abuse should be considered a real form of abuse and taken seriously. It does not suggest that yelling at a child is as damaging as sexually assaulting them. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0145213423003824

There are two divergent opinions on how to interpret this tweet. On one hand, the people who argue it's meant to normalize sexual abuse.


On the other hand, those who argue this is meant to elevate normal parenting to the level of actual abuse:

We embrace the healing power of the word 'and' because both are probably true, and the media is okay with either (or both) outcomes.


This brings up a good point. The world is not going to coddle kids once they're adults. You are going to get yelled at, disciplined, and disappointed. It's up to parents to demonstrate healthy ways to express and manage anger. Equating shouting with sexual and physical abuse is a disservice to kids and families.

But, we'd be willing to bet CNN doesn't care.


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