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What? 41% of the French population favor limiting people to FOUR flights for their entire life

AP Photo/Charlie Riedel, File

We've never met an environmentalist who wasn't also a raging socialist. They suck the fun out of everything, and they're never willing to adhere to their own standards (we're looking at you, John Kerry). So this wasn't necessarily a surprise to us when this post popped up:


That was our expression, too.

Four flights per year. Which is two trips, unless you're planning to stay long-term wherever it is you fly. And some people pointed that out:

We'll make the popcorn.

This is scary.

Yes it is. And yes, they do.


We can certainly hope so, because there's no difference.

It is terrifying. We suggest they set examples, first.

Indeed. There is no 'Liberté' there.

If only they would.


Not if we have anything to say about it.

But the environmentalists are keen on lowering the standard of living for everyone. Except themselves.


Oh, every day it gets more and more idiotic.

They'll come after 'making things' and 'heating' too. Just give them time.

Don't give them any ideas.

When people compare you to Thanos, probably time to rethink your position.


Of course there will be.


They really didn't consider the logistics of it, did they? What if bad weather diverts a flight? Mechanical issue? A medical emergency? Are you just stranded wherever that fourth and final flight lands?

No, they don't think about their answers. They make knee-jerk suggestions without any thought about the consequences of those actions.

That's exactly what they wanted, and it seems to be working. At least in France, anyway.

This. 1000% this. This writer has always said that if her children ever came home spouting climate change nonsense, she would make them live a green, zero-emission life: no Internet, no devices, nothing that wasn't sustainable. It would be a minimalist existence and it would last precisely three days before the kids changed their tune. That is what needs to happen.


All the people making demands of others in the name of climate should first set an example by living the way they expect others to live.

Yet, astonishingly, they're often recalcitrant to do this. Because they want to live in comfort, and luxury, while the rest of us have a far lower standard of living.

Don't let them get away with it.


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