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Meatball update: Philly influencer facing six felony charges now selling mugshot merch

Sarah D.

On Thursday, we reported news that Philly influencer Dayjia Blackwell, better known as 'Meatball', was arrested and charged with six felonies, following her livestreaming herself and others partaking in massive looting in Philadelphia. The looting was sparked by the dismissal of charges against former Philly police officer Mark Dial, who shot Eddie Irizarry during a traffic stop back in August.


Blackwell was released on $2,500 bail shortly after her arrest, but not before snapping a tearful mugshot.

Now Blackwell is capitalizing on that infamous pic by selling merch featuring said mugshot. The Daily Mirror reports (pay close attention to how they frame the looting, by the way):

A mugshot turned into a marketing opportunity for viral social media influencer Meatball, who was just arrested last week on charges related to vandalism and looting.

The proceeds from the merch seem to not only be aimed at bolstering the Philadelphia-based influencer's business but also targeted at releasing her and potentially acquitting her of the charges she accrued.

Meatball was among the 52 looters and rioters arrested in Philadelphia after a peaceful protest against a judge's decision to dismiss murder charges against a police officer who shot and killed Eddie Irizarry through a car window. Around 100 rioters donned masks and wreaked havoc on shops, inciting mass panic and terror in the city centre. The police later said the two events — the protest and the riot — seemed to be totally unrelated.

There goes the media with the 'peaceful protest' nonsense. Again. Stealing merchandise from Apple and Lululemon is not a protest and it's not peaceful. In fact, things were so bad, Philadelphia closed all liquor stores in the wake of those 'peaceful protests.'


We're glad she thinks she's innocent, but:

It's right there on social media.

That's how this works, isn't it?

Pointing out this double standard is absolutely fair game. People who were merely in the area of DC on January 6 are facing years behind bars and 'Meatball' livestreams her criminal activity and expects to walk. The sad reality is she, and the 52 others who were arrested, probably will.


He won't, but this is a nice thought.

There are a lot of people who believe she won't face consequences for her actions.

The grudging respect for the hustle is an interesting perspective. But yes, she belongs in jail.

This is also a very good point. 

Many people have been deplatformed, temporarily and permanently, for doing far less than she did. This writer got suspended for sharing the Hunter Biden laptop story back in 2020 and again recently for 'violent speech' that somehow became an accidental spam flag. The double standard is galling, and we all see it.


Exactly like Trump. But they'll never notice it.

We're sure the saga of Meatball will be ongoing, and we'll be on it. 

In the meantime, we'll leave you with this, which made us chortle:

Well played.

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