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The FCC tries to resurrect Net Neutrality; Drew Holden has the receipts.

Remember Net Neutrality? It was a set of rules that governed Internet access and, when the FCC ended Net Neutrality in 2017, the Left declared the Internet was dead, and that it would literally cost lives.


No, really.

We remember.

And so does the King of Threads Drew Holden, who writes for The Washington Free Beacon:

When the Federal Communications Commission announced in 2017 that it was ending "net neutrality," a series of rules which governed how users could access the internet, the media and Democrats rushed to pronounce the internet dead. CNN even ran an obituary on its homepage...

Of course, the internet didn't die. But that doesn't matter to the Democrat-led FCC, which this week announced it was attempting to resurrect net neutrality. "The agency argues that restoring the rule will improve consumers’ experience with internet providers—including by enabling it to better track broadband service outages and network reliability," the Washington Post reported.

If and when net neutrality returns, most Americans likely won't notice the difference—just like they didn't notice the first time. But in honor of the FCC's efforts to bring back the dead, let's look back at the Democrats' and the media's lamentations for net neutrality.

And Drew brings the receipts, as always:

As Drew said, we didn't notice when it went away, and we likely won't notice when it comes back. But cue the media hysterics and pearl-clutching:



Which didn't, and was never going to, happen. Yet this is our media.

Wait, what? We forgot about this one. It's just as ridiculous as it sounds, though.

'Convoluted' doesn't even begin to cover this. These journalists should pursue a career in fiction writing if they think the Internet and TSA lines are the same thing, or function similarly.

The only dramatic anything was the reaction of the media.

Oscar-worthy drama, that.


And yet, six years later, we're all still here. For better or worse.

Again, the Internet did not die. Everyone at The New York Times needs to calm down.

This is deliciously ironic, coming from people who want us to eat bugs and live in eco-friendly 15-minute cities while they jet around the globe and dine on gourmet food.

There isn't an opposing viewpoint in sight.

It's also funny to see how quickly we went from 'Ending Net Neutrality will make the Internet like the one run by the Chinese Communist party!' to 'Actually, saying Chinese Communist Party is a pejorative.' 

Given the Democrats are in bed with the media, this isn't surprising at all.


You don't say? Cheaper, faster, more accessible Internet without government rules? Amazing!

In fact, rolling back Net Neutrality made COVID remote work possible:


As government always does. Find something that's working, and break it.

This is why we can't have nice things.


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