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'Swore we fixed that': Insurance premiums have increased 249% since 2000

(AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

The price of everything has gone up, up, up the last several years. We've talked about this at length, and while costs keep rising, families are barely treading water.


One of the things that has gotten extremely expensive is insurance premiums. Take a look:

A 249% increase. Wowza.

Just astronomical numbers.

So did we? Obama promised the 'Affordable Care Act' would, you know, make health care affordable. In what world is a 249% increase 'affordable'?

He said that with a straight face.


Well done, everybody.

Not the ones that are decreasing in cost.

They'll throw themselves into a volcano before they admit this.


What could it possibly hurt to try one, or all, of these ideas?

Except, of course, for the stranglehold government has on healthcare.

Here's another perfectly reasonable idea. It will also be ignored.

And that's being understated. Obamacare was a disaster and remains so to this day.

Yes they will. We wonder what color the sky is in their fantasy land.

EVERYTHING. It's like the reverse Midas effect: instead of gold, everything government touches turns to a pile of hot garbage.


So broken.

'Obummercare' is a perfect name for it.

Nailed it. Government subsidies make everything more expensive.

We, too, are pretending to be shocked. We warned people back when Obamacare was poised to pass that it would be a disaster. Few listened.

Reread the second sentence: this does not predate government creep into healthcare. Government makes everything more expensive.

Nancy Pelosi told us we had to pass the legislation to find out what's in it. And we did. Now here we are.


And of course the 'Medicare for all' crowd came out to take a victory lap over this and advocate for more government involvement. 

Because that'll magically make things cheaper this time around.

When it comes to healthcare, you get 1) affordable, 2) quick, or 3) good. Pick two.

The Biden administration has its priorities, Angie, and health insurance isn't among them.


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