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WaPo makes startling discovery: Texas has a lot of guns

(AP Photo/Eric Gay, File)

Texas has guns. In other news, the sky is blue, the grass is green, and the water is wet.

Yet, somehow, this revelation seems like news to the intrepid reporters at The Washington Post, who have engaged in all the pearl-clutching over it.


They write:

Neighbors tuck guns into bedside tables, cars and trucks. They take guns fishing, to church, the park, the pool, the gym, the movies — even to protests at the state Capitol. The convention center hosts gun shows where shoppers peruse AR-15s and high-capacity magazines outlawed in other states. Texas billboards offer an endless stream of advertisements for ammunition, silencers and other accessories.

It has been legal here to openly carry long guns like rifles for generations. But Texas’s gun-friendly attitude isn’t just a relic of the Old West and ranching: Many restrictions on handguns were loosened only recently. Two years ago, state lawmakers gave those 21 and older the right to carry handguns without a permit; in 2015, they gave those with concealed handgun permits the right to carry on public college campuses. ...

Unlike California and some other blue states, Texas has no state firearm sales registry, no required waiting period to buy a gun, no red flag law guarding against the mentally ill or violent having weapons, no restrictions on the size of ammunition magazines and no background checks for guns purchased in a private sale.


The horror. A state that follows the letter of the Second Amendment.

But for all their breathless reporting, Twitter was unimpressed and unalarmed by this non-discovery by WaPo:

Doesn't it?

So do people in California and other blue states, from all manner of criminals.

Something about 'Democracy dies in darkness' leaps to mind here. Ring any bells for you, WaPo?

You couldn't ask for better PR, frankly.

We love snark, and this is just perfection. As is this reply:

A SIG P229 is the perfect dessert for any meal, really.


The WaPo has its marching orders: guns bad, scare people into thinking Texas being 'awash' in guns is a bad thing, and push for more gun control legislation.

But they did. 

Larry wasn't the only person to try to make Texas sound less awesome, lest it be invaded:

We're sold.

Yes, they can. We mean, there are no guns in Chicago and no violence. It's practically a utopia.

And other blue cities. (In case you missed it, Philly had a lot of rioting and looting take place last night).


They'll be publishing the tourism brochures shortly.

This made us laugh out loud.

Knowing that there are lots of armed, law-abiding people around us in public provides a sense of security you can't duplicate anywhere.

The stats don't lie.

Yes, let's do that:

A homicide rate four times less than gun-free DC. The stats definitely do not lie.

Almost like criminals don't obey laws, but they are afraid some law-abiding citizen with a gun will put an end to their antics. 


Exactly. This story is not news or a revelation to anyone who pays attention. It is an emotionally manipulative attempt to get people on board with gun control. And it failed. Miserably.

Well done, WaPo.


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