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'Millions of dollars': US Border Patrol chief says cartels are profiting off Biden's border policies

AP Photo/Andres Leighton

We all know the situation at the border is bad. So bad, the Biden administration is blaming 'MAGA Republicans' for the tens of thousands of immigrants crossing the border unabated, blame TX border towns know is misplaced. Today, US Border Patrol chief Jason Owens did an interview with FoxNews and was pretty candid with what's going on at the border. Watch:


Florida Governor and presidential candidate Ron DeSantis has already said he'd take on the cartels and would change the rules of engagement to allow deadly force in some circumstances.

Trump campaigned on building the wall in 2016; one plank of his platform that likely propelled him to the White House at the time.

It's an issue, as we've pointed out, and now that sanctuary cities and states, like New York, are feeling the squeeze, you'd think the Biden administration would be interested in stopping this and taking the political win that would come with a sane immigration policy.

Alas, they are not.

And while we know the media will dutifully run cover for this administration, others know exactly where to place the blame:


H.R. 2 refers to the 'Secure the Border Act of 2023', which would, among other things:

H.R. 2 would limit the ability of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to provide parole to aliens (non-U.S. nationals), which allows them to temporarily enter the United States, in part by defining the reasons for which that parole may be granted. The bill also would change how DHS treats aliens applying for asylum and unaccompanied alien children crossing the border. The bill also would change the department’s procedures for interacting with aliens seeking to enter the United States without authorization. H.R. 2 would require the Department of State to negotiate with countries in the Western Hemisphere, particularly El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico, concerning agreements related to claims for asylum.

Reasonable measures that are long overdue.

If nothing else, the inaction of the president and Congress is passively funding them.

Good question. Kamala Harris is the border tsar. She's also been appointed to Biden's newly formed 'Office of Gun Violence Prevention', so she's a busy lady. Getting anything done at the border is hard when you've got so many pokers in the fire.


Republicans have a slim majority in the House. They should put forth legislation, and H.R. 2 is in committee right now. But this has been an ongoing issue for years -- under both Democrat and Republican presidents and Congresses -- and nothing has gotten done.

Neither are we. And the drugs that they bring across the border devastate our communities.

We hate to be so cynical, but given Biden's other dealings, the '10% for the big guy' jokes practically write themselves.

The tweet continues:


People in charge decided laws don’t matter. So they don’t matter anymore.

Exactly. We need people in charge who believe the laws matter, and will enforce them accordingly. In the meantime, we are funding some pretty nasty actors doing very awful things at the border and elsewhere.


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