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'Isn't this interesting': Wikipedia attempts to edit and erase history of actual Nazi, Yaroslav Hunka

Sarah D.

Oh, Canada (and Wikipedia). What are you doing? 

This week, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Volodymyr Zelensky, and the Canadian parliament honored Yaroslav Hunka. Hunka was part of Hitler's 14th Waffen SS Division who, according to Ezra Levant, 'were able to sneak into Canada [after the war] by changing their name and hiding their past.' It's as bad as it sounds, and Twitchy was all over it as the news broke:


Earlier today, we told you about how Ezra Levant sounded the alarm how the Canadian Parliament gave a standing ovation to an actual Nazi. Mind you, this isn’t the Leftist definition of ‘Nazi,’ which generally means ‘person to the right of Stalin who disagrees with me.’ This guy, Yaroslav Hunka, is 98 years old, he was actually in the Waffen SS, and he got a standing ovation for his service in World War II.

We also showed you Speaker of the Canadian House of Commons Anthony Rota give a warm introduction to this guy who literally fought to help the Nazis keep control of Ukraine in World War II.

Now that Canada realizes it done messed up, how are they going to respond? Perennial Twitchy fave Stephen L. Miller (@redsteeze) noticed something very interesting. The cleanup of Yaroslav Hunka's history is underway.

For those who can't see the tweet, here are the screenshots from Wikipedia.

Miller asks the pertinent question:

We'd really like to know. Wouldn't you? We can probably guess.


Someone, or several someones, up early making edits in real-time:

The media, who says anyone to the right of Hillary Clinton is a Nazi, tried to spin Hunka as 'Nazi-linked' and it didn't fly.

This writer, who happens to be Catholic, fired up the Wayback machine to remind everyone how the media spun the background of the late Pope Benedict XVI, who -- despite being conscripted into the Hitler youth as a teen and deserting -- was always a Nazi. 


They're going to try to memory-hole this so fast, it'll make your head spin. And we get to watch it unfold in real time.


Food for thought.

Wikipedia can be a great tool, but the Left ruins everything they touch.

Exactly. The same media who will destroy a random person over a decade-old tweet, or cancel someone based solely on accusations of wrongdoing, is now going to play the 'he's changed' card with a literal Nazi honored by the progressive, leftwing Canadian government. And Wikipedia is going to help them erase the history (which it has a history of doing).


Basic math, logic, and reason. But no, it's not ignorance of history. It was very easy for Twitter/X to find Hunka's background. Those who honored him didn't because they didn't care -- he fits the cause du jour, so they will honor him. And count on the media to cover up their mistakes.

Even Orwell probably couldn't imagine what we're watching unfold.


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