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Pregnant WOMEN: NBC called on the carpet for using ‘pregnant people,' trying to erase women


Every once in a while (okay, we lied, very frequently) the news media reminds us just how grossly biased and anti-science they are. Today, NBC News reminded women ... sorry 'pregnant people' ... it was time to get the RSV vaccine:


Except we're having none of this 'pregnant people' nonsense. The word is women. Pregnant women, NBC.

NBC deserves the quotes around 'news.'

Yes, women. They meant women.

They can only get away with it if we let them. And Twitter/X is having none of it.

It's always women who are removed from the equation, isn't it? Complete and total erasure of women.

We mean, look at all the pejoratives they've come up with to replace women in order not to offend the T in LGBTQ:


We think 'egg producer' was the most insulting.

He's got a point.

And setting aside the insulting erasure of women, others raised another very important point. After three years of lies about the COVID vaccine and public trust in the CDC in the tank (and even the CDC knows it), shouldn't they be doing everything in their power to regain and rebuild public trust? Like following the actual science that says only women can get pregnant?

Instead, they double down on 'gender neutral language' and call women 'pregnant people.' That'll do the trick to regain trust.

They're off to a great start.

Certainly seems sketchy to us.


You're not alone.

'Party of Science' indeed.

They know the word women. They're just choosing not to use it.

No, they don't. But they sure are.

Because they have their agenda, and they will not deviate from it, no matter what.

We have no idea, but this question is no more ridiculous than the phrase 'pregnant people.'


Heh. You can never escape reality, no matter how hard you try, NBC.


Once more for the people in the back:

Women. The word is women.


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