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Bizarre: Listen to the 911 call after F-35 pilot ejected over South Carolina

Taiwan Ministry of Defense via AP

Remember when we lost an $80 million F-35 fighter jet? We do, and that was almost a week ago now. Today, audio of a 911 call made by a resident of Charleston County, South Carolina after the ejected pilot landed in his backyard. 


Give it a listen:

Now, this writer knows someone who has worked as a 911 dispatcher, so we have every sympathy for this woman who took the most bizarre phone call of her career. There is a script they follow because it gets the necessary information for most calls to emergency service. And most calls don't involve a pilot who ejected from his aircraft.

She did the best she could given the circumstances.

Really, a gold-star effort. We can't imagine.

We all would've asked that question if we had been on the receiving end of that call.


Like we said, she did her best.

The possibilities are endless!

How many calls does she get about people ejecting from planes? Probably just this one.

There's the silver lining in all this.

In fairness, wouldn't most of us think this was a prank call at first? Especially because the dispatcher says she hasn't heard anything about a plane crashing in the area.


Nailed it.

We giggled.

We giggled hard.

This is perfect. It's exactly like a Cohen Brothers scene.


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