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Elitist: David Brooks steps on all the rakes talking about why Americans THINK the economy is bad

Sarah D.

Hoo boy. David Brooks, op-ed columnist with the New York Times, is probably waking up to one heck of a ratio this morning. Why? Well, before his flight out of Newark, he decided to tweet about his meal and complain about the prices:


$78 for a burger, fries, and a sad-looking salad. David, that's on you (although that drink was probably $30 by itself). Airport food is always more expensive -- the property is more expensive and, frankly, they have a captive audience who will either pay or not eat. But the cost of a burger at the Newark airport is not why Americans think the economy is bad. They know the economy is bad because, unlike David, they live in the real world.

Yes. According to AAA, the average price of gas today is $3.867/gallon (it was less than $3 back in Sept. 2020). And groceries? Yeah. Prices have risen 4.3% since August 2022, and other sources indicate that's on the low end.

Ground beef? $7.50 a pound.

Let the mockery commence!


All it needs is some cake.

Well done.

The tweet reads:

Americans think the economy is going poorly because the people who made any financial gains (raises, paid off debt) over the last 6 years watched those gains evaporate over the last 3 and haven't recovered. The people who pulled themselves out of poverty in the last 10 years find themselves back in poverty over the last 3. That is why people think the economy is going badly. Consider that the people who jet setting journalists will colloquially refer to as "living paycheck to paycheck" have effectively had that paycheck slashed, not from eating in airports, but filling the same grocery lists they have filled every week for years. If those same people were saving for a more reliable car they can no forget it, the costs of cars is growing faster than many people can save money for one, and loan rates make financing a car on a limited budge into fiscal suicide. People who were saving to buy a home?  Same thing.  They've watched the quality of the home they can afford decline as mortgage rates skyrocket.  Many who went in to 2021 with a dream of getting their first home within the year watched their dream melt away. And jet setting journalists peer at a FRED graph or two, conclude that the economy is doing great, and think they've found the solution to the  puzzle of the American people's disconnect in his over priced airport hamburger...


What a thorough takedown of Brooks and his snobbery.

So either Brooks isn't being honest, or he doesn't know how to find a deal. Non-sequitur: a smash burger sounds good right about now.

C'mon, that's funny.

Wait ... $120,000 for a vacation? One of Twitchy's writers didn't even pay that much for her first house. Maybe, and we're just spitballin' here, Brooks is the one who is out of touch and wrongly thinks the economy is good.

Can confirm. If you shop for anyone other than yourself, you aren't getting much for $78.


He's certainly covered himself in glory this morning.

Yes, it is. Also, it's funny to call them out for being snobs.

Even Joyce Carol Oates is calling out Brooks for this.

Ouch, David. Ouch.

Falling real wages + increased prices on everything = bad economy. It's that simple, David.

Right? We should've known.


And Community Notes for the win! Brooks should've known someone would dig into this.

It'd be fun to be a fly on the wall when Brooks opens Twitter/X and sees he's getting ratio'd into orbit. Let's make some popcorn.


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