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YOU did this: Biden admin faces 'anti-vaccine sentiment' and Twitter/X knows who to blame

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Poor President Biden. We just don't understand how awesome he is, and if we did, Americans wouldn't be so sour on the economy, or think his interactions with foreign dignitaries are awkward and downright embarrassing. He just can't catch a break. Unless he's taking yet another beach vacation, that is.


And now he's got another hurdle to overcome as we head into flu season: 'anti-vaccine sentiment.'

It's the first of a five-part series on the 'anti-vaccine political movement.'

A Biden administration that vowed to restore Americans’ faith in public health has grown increasingly paralyzed over how to combat the resurgence in vaccine skepticism.

And internally, aides and advisers concede there is no comprehensive plan for countering a movement that’s steadily expanded its influence on the president’s watch.

The rising appeal of anti-vaccine activism has been underscored by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s insurgent presidential campaign and fueled by prominent factions of the GOP. The mainstreaming of a once-fringe movement has horrified federal health officials, who blame it for seeding dangerous conspiracy theories and bolstering a Covid-era backlash to the nation’s broader public health practices.

But as President Joe Biden ramps up a reelection campaign centered on his vision for a post-pandemic America, there’s little interest among his aides in courting a high-profile vaccine fight — and even less certainty of how to win.


We don't know if you remember, but we remember exactly how the Biden administration tried to 'restore Americans' faith in public health.' Let's take a trip down memory lane:

In 2021, the Biden administration mandated, via executive order and new federal rules, vaccines for all employers with 100 or more employees, saying at the time, 'We've been patient, but our patience is wearing thin. And your refusal has cost all of us.' He was, of course, speaking to the 80 million Americans who didn't get vaccinated.

He later went on to tell 1/3 of the country they faced a winter of 'severe illness and death' right before Christmas. Happy Holidays, we guess.

Never mind that the vaccine doesn't seem to stop transmission of the virus (a promise Biden himself made), this administration is going to keep pushing them on Americans who have, quite plainly, said they don't want them.

So the article is missing a few salient points. Points Twitter/X is happy to fill in:

Weird how people push back against force and threats, especially when the administration lied about the vaccine preventing transmission, and even the AP called him out on this back in 2021.


We know several people who had to take the vaccine or face losing their jobs, after shutdowns caused massive job losses to begin with. The backlash is totally a mystery. Totally.

Politico also...conveniently...forgets how Biden and Harris contributed to vaccine skepticism. But Twitter/X remembers:

Both Biden and Harris expressed skepticism about the vaccine (because Trump, of course), and the media has really glossed over this fact, haven't they?

They argued people should lose their jobs if they didn't get the vaccine. Don't forget that.


It's always our fault. Biden doesn't fail, he has only failed us.

Biden has less than zero credibility. Negative credibility. And it is a larger issue than the anti-vax crowd. There is no trust left in our government; it's at an all-time low.

Hence the panic and the five-part Politico series that's trying to figure out what the rest of us knew months ago.

Hey, anything to help at this point.


Yes, President Biden. You did this, and the media was happy to help.

Unfortunately, that ship has sailed. There is no way they could directly and honestly address concerns about the vaccine at this point. The backlash would be even worse, and no one would listen. But imagine if they had, back in the days when Harris and Biden were themselves vaccine skeptics. Maybe things would be a little different. Maybe public trust in government wouldn't have cratered. Maybe.


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