Ruh-roh.  Ignite the fires!

Looks like the password for slur-swinging is ‘art’ (unless you’re white, a generally offensive status because slave masters are perched in the ole family tree).

But consistency is beside the point when the Twitter-sphere is dangerously ignorant of the Prison Industrial Complex:

When Mr. Windham isn’t blowing minds with obscure academic references, he is blowing holes through his professorial image:

Mr. Kweli’s fan-followers were none too pleased–or to put it more artistically: they weren’t havin’ none o’dat:

Far be it for any non-black person to defend the n-word, but one brave soul was willing (however, unwilling to do so in 140 characters or less):

Mr. Windham’s ancestors call in back-ups:

And then there’s the token party pooper who tries to trump everyone with her maturity:

Buzz-kill FTW.

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