If you see a mass murder unfolding on your TV screen and your first thought is about the need for new legislation, seek help. Unfortunately, far too many of our celebrity friends don’t get it. Apparently, some of their tortured minds immediately blame shootings on the GOP as a coping mechanism — to validate their worldview that bad things can’t happen unless the government lets them happen.

(He’s talking about last night’s bullet-drenched episode of “Breaking Bad,” by the way.)


Speaking from experience?




What? Did you just compare your outrage at the Navy Yard shooting with your lustful desire for shirtless soap stars? Holy crap, Nancy!

Also, extra points to John Fugelsang for using the tragedy as a way to slam Republicans for something other than gun control. That takes true skill.

Bravo, John! In the sport of douchebaggery, that’s like doing a double-twisting backflip — and he didn’t stop there.

Look, we understand that people have strong opinions, but this is just a senseless addition to the brutality. It’s bad enough that people lost loved ones today; they shouldn’t have to see their memory commandeered for political mudslinging.