The range of Twitter reactions to George Zimmerman’s bizarre non-arrest has been breathtaking. However, few can match the twisted logic of those claiming that this “arrest” is the final proof of the judicial system’s inherent racism. Just don’t tell them there’s no arrest and maybe no wielding of a gun.

Here’s how it works. See if you can keep up:

Zimmerman was not arrested for the Trayvon Martin incident.  Martin was black.  Zimmerman was wrongly reported to have been arrested today for pulling a gun on his wife. His wife is white. Therefore, the justice system arrests people based on the race of the victim. Because racism.

Never mind that the two scenarios have nothing in common.

We know what you’re thinking.  We don’t think it’s smart either. Still, plenty of people are buying it, even hours after multiple aspects of the story were debunked by the police.

Really? Do these people actually believe the things they say or are they just trolling for attention? We hope it’s the latter.