Of all the embattled figures in Washington, we thought one was truly safe. His approval ratings remained high, and he seemed above the fray of Washington politics. However, in times such as these, not even Bo Obama can survive without a high-profile challenger from within his own party.

Meet Sunny, the pup who could unseat the vaunted incumbent:

Judging by Sunny’s early endorsers on Twitter, Bo may face an uphill battle to retain his seat … or rather his plush doggy bed.

Opponents wasted no time in deploying their snark against this new threat. One fictitious GOP source tells Twitchy, “Regardless of who wins this nomination, we’ll be waiting with a shock collar.”


Pup of the people?

Some in the media, normally favorable to the incumbent, remain skeptical of the upstart challenger.

This could be the race of the year, so be sure to stay with Twitchy for all the latest news on the Bo vs. Sunny drama!