Yesterday, CNN host Piers Morgan challenged conservative talk radio host Larry Elder to a debate. Elder accepted, and the result — televised earlier tonight on Morgan’s show — was a riveting debate about race in America. Elder blasted the host’s patronizing treatment of Rachel Jeantel (in particular, Morgan’s characterization of Jeantel as “one smart cookie”), and spoke hard truths about the prevalence of white-on-black vis-a-vis black-on-black violence in America. Not only that, but he triggered some of the most vitriolic Twitter attacks on a minority conservative that we’ve seen since actress Stacey Dash endorsed Mitt Romney for President.

The response? Well there was a lot, but one unhinged critic stuck out:

Elder, of course, responded to all the bigotry with his usual grace:

Unfortunately, Raeia was not alone in her sentiments.

If these people want to see what a real racist looks like, they should take a look in the mirror sometime.