The fun thing about our friends on the far Left is that they are happy to point out the hypocrisy of their own politicians, usually while expressing views that creep out normal people. Take Rainn Wilson, for example. The actor best known for his role on “The Office” doesn’t seem to be all that pleased about what’s going on in Egypt. Apparently, he would prefer to let Mohamed Morsi enslave that nation to Islamic fundamentalism, and doesn’t like that we support the Egyptian military. At least that seems to be what he’s saying, given that he’s not tweeting at a high level of coherence.

However, he also pointed out that President Obama doesn’t seem financially committed to his “deep concern” over today’s military intervention. If one wishes to condemn the ouster of an oppressive megalomaniac, it would at least be consistent to withdraw funding from the people who ousted him. If the United States is so “concerned” with the idea of protecting the human rights of the Egyptian people, perhaps we should announce the suspension of aid to the military.

If Wilson himself didn’t twist the knife hard enough, his fans were even happier to pile on in a fit of Left-on-Left fratricide.

It’s nice to see the denizens of the Left realize that their great leader is just another politician, but this dude still had the best response.

Agreed, sir, agreed.