Don’t worry Twitchy fans, we’re not going to start covering every celebrity death hoax. But really? Jackie Chan? Loveable, butt-kicking, America-hating Jackie Chan?

We see these things come across our desks every day, but after a while we start to wonder how these death hoaxes continue to self-perpetuate. How many hoaxes does it take before people stop retweeting this rubbish, or before whoever starts them stops thinking it’s funny? Are there not better ways to prank the Twittersphere? Couldn’t we at least, like, announce the death of the last Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus or something? At least that would be legitimate, creative comedy.

But no, we’re killing off Jackie Chan … again.

Whoever did that last one gets extra points for graphics, but still, what is wrong with people?

At the end of the day, this is nothing out of the ordinary. However, speaking for those of us who actually have to sit and watch our Twitter feeds for a living, can we please stop the madness?

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