Liz Cheney, Chairman of Chairman, Keep America Safe, torched the EPA today for its recent decision to disclose the personal information of 80,000 farmers to radical environmental groups.  If you liked the tweet, check out the even angrier Facebook post:

At the Wyoming Stock Growers Association meeting last week in Cheyenne, we discussed the fact that the EPA has released personal information, including GPS coordinates for their properties, of 80,000 farm and ranch operations across the country. The information was released to radical environmental groups in response to FOIA requests. The bottom line is that the Obama Administration released this personal information to its environmentalist allies with no concern for privacy laws or the safety of the farmers and ranchers. 50 of these operators are in Wyoming. We need congressional action now to ensure this never happens again. And whomever approved the release of information at the EPA ought to be fired. Imagine what is going to happen when this crew gets hold of our medical records? Enough is enough. Time to stand and fight.

It’s a shame that our government would throw the people who grow our food onto the altar of radical environmentalism, and this story needs to be heard.