In one of the few solid articles they’ve ever produced, ThinkProgress put up a well-written statement about why Democrats like Jose Serrano should avoid eulogizing Hugo Chavez.  They cited his antisemitism, his attacks on democracy, and the fact that his policies hurt the poor people he claimed to help. While it’s nice to see that ThinkProgress editors are capable of rational thought, many tweeters snickered at the fact that they had to write the piece at all.

If you have to actively stop your people from gushing about bigoted dictators, it means there’s a problem with the way you think. Maybe someday, the people at ThinkProgress will realize that the way to prevent people from embracing hateful despots is to discard their toxic ideology of class hate and demonization.

… And of course, they got some pushback.

That pretty much says it all. ThinkProgress deserves credit for the article, but it’s pathetic that it had to be written.