Texas Congressman Steve Stockman said yesterday that his staff would be fact-checking the president’s state of the union speech live on Twitter. He wasn’t kidding. These people put together one of the most exhaustive responses to a speech we’ve ever seen. We’ve cataloged every tweet they issued during the speech, and they really did a great job.

Green issues were a big sticking point, and in this case Stockman’s office really took Obama to task.

Seeing as Texas is on the front line of the immigration issue, Stockman’s office was none too impressed with President Obama’s take on the subject.

Obama’s economic prescriptions took a beating.

National security issues also didn’t fare well.

In one of the best zingers of the night, Stockman’s people noted that his rhetoric on voting rights only covers groups who vote for him. Disenfranchisement outside of his own voting base doesn’t seem to faze him.

The president’s demagoguing of the gun issue got Stockman’s office really hot under the collar, generating a flood of data on why gun control doesn’t work.

For all the talk about guns, there wasn’t any mention of guns given to drug gangs by our Justice Department.

Last, Stockman’s office pointed out that the president totally omitted the pope’s resignation 24 hours before.