Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Texas) announced today that his office will run a live Twitter fact-check of the President’s State of the Union address tomorrow. Given that Stockman hasn’t exactly been shy since his return to Congress after 16 years, we imagine that the commentary will be interesting. That, and the use of the hashtag #YouLie is a bit of a giveaway.

Stockman will also be having some in-person fun at the State of the Union; let’s just say he’s chosen his guests creatively

Ted knows he has to wear a suit, right?

In addition to all this, Stockman is installing a 10-foot long “Obama Failometer” outside his Capitol office. The graphic will score economic failure using four factors: “monthly jobs created, the monthly civilian labor force participation rate and the gap between black and Hispanic monthly unemployment against the monthly rate for all Americans combined. They are weighted so a sharp increase or decrease in one factor won’t distort the overall Obama Failometer Score.”

Freshman representatives usually aren’t able to single-handedly drive the debate on the issues, but most freshmen aren’t quite so media savvy. All we can say is, “Welcome back, Congressman Stockman!”