There was a time, many moons ago, when Wonkette was kind of funny. Even if you disagreed with its barely coherent commentary, it made you laugh a little at its forced attempts at hipster edginess. (Note: That’s laugh “at,” not “with.”) Now, Wonkette has become another below-average, unfunny lefty blog.

Monday, the site demonstrated its descent into irrelevance by lionizing “conservative” blogger Brooks Bayne — knocking us for criticizing Bayne’s anti-Semitism. In case you need a refresher, here is what Bayne has written about the Holocaust:

A word to the wise, Wonkette writers, there’s a difference between “edgy” and “over the edge.” Glorifying a Holocaust minimizer is over the edge, unless of course you think the skinhead market is a potential growth area for you.

Apparently, Wonkette’s Rebecca Schoenkopf loves Bayne because he was leaked some X-rated sexts attributed to tweeter Todd Kincannon, whom she hates for a reprehensible tweet about Trayvon Martin.

Since Twitchy criticized Bayne months earlier, we apparently love perverts or something. Because, logic:

You know who was unhappy about Bayne’s attempts to clean up the conservapervs? Michelle Malkin’s Twitchy, of course, because every minute Brooks Bayne is going after Todd Kincannon is a minute he is not making fun of Gabrielle Giffords for having brain damage, we guess.

Dang, we don’t even know where to start on that one.

First off, we never wrote a darn thing about Bayne’s distaste for Kincannon or his “attempts to clean up conservapervs.” The Wonkette writer assumed her readers wouldn’t bother clicking the link to Twitchy — and either she was right or judging by our stats, traffic at Wonkette ain’t what it used to be. We did go after him for posting the personal information of FBI informant Brandon Darby — another tactic that our friends at Wonkette seem not to care about.

For the record, Kincannon’s tweet about Trayvon Martin is disgusting and moronic. But Wonkette’s revelation that Bayne published Kincannon’s alleged sexts doesn’t make Bayne any less of a horrible, anti-Semitic troll of a little man. It merely makes him a horrible, anti-Semitic troll of a little man who claims he found pictures of Kincannon’s junk.

As for the ridiculous allegations that we made fun of Gabrielle Giffords, we’ve already written a whole post debunking that lie. Someday, after they finish intellectual puberty, the crotch-shot-obsessed snarksters at Wonkette might be able to coherently discuss the matter. However, rehashing it now would just generate ad hominem attacks laced with lame attempts at irony.

Sorry, Wonkette, but you screwed up here. We’re sure you’ll feign disinterest, since you’re trying so hard to convince people that you’re hipsters, but you still screwed up.


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