San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh caused a stir today in reaction to President Obama’s declaration that he might not allow a son to play football. Clearly it was a joke, and it’s not like we should expect a professional football coach to agree that football is bad for kids. However, people on Twitter are often totally immune to logic and incapable of taking a joke, particularly when President Obama is involved, so naturally Harbaugh’s joke generated overwrought condemnation from the Left.

Of course, normal people thought it was funny. Heck, even the media thought it was funny.

The other coach in the Super Bowl, Harbaugh’s brother John, also disagreed with the president.

Nice work by the Harbaugh brothers reacting to a question that probably shouldn’t have been asked anyway — we’ve seen enough hand-wringing about Obama’s hypothetical son to last a lifetime. There’s plenty of room for debate about how to make the game safer — but can’t we just enjoy the Super Bowl for a week?