A few weeks back, we told you about Canadian Indian chief Theresa Spence, who was staging a “hunger strike” (while consuming liquid meals) in the capital city of Ottawa, demanding a meeting with the Prime Minister to address Native Canadian grievances. We also told you how Canadian conservative commentator Ezra Levant was running circles around Spence by showing that she and her boyfriend had somehow frittered away millions upon millions of dollars in aid to their tribe. That story finally came to an end today as Spence decided to end her pointless spectacle after six weeks. During those six weeks, she managed to remain a media darling despite consistently shifting her demands and threatening reporters on tribal land with arrest. Last night, she checked into a hospital, and today gave up.


Fittingly, Spence managed to court scandal yet again with a profane tweet aimed at a conservative senator. Sen. Patrick Brazeau, himself a native former chief, dared to criticize Spence’s press conference (which she did not attend) and felt her wrath. Luckily, plenty of people got screen captures before the attack was deleted. Her people later said she didn’t issue the tweet herself, but no apology has been forthcoming.


After over a month of grandstanding, threatening journalists and ignoring revelations of potentially massive corruption, it’s amazing that this woman had any credibility left at all. All we can say is thank goodness it’s over, and thank goodness for dogged conservatives who will stand up to such hypocrites. We hope that Chief Spence is able to fully regain her health after her liquid fast, but would rather she had spared us this farce. Hopefully she will be healthy enough to someday answer questions about what she did with the tens of millions of dollars meant to help her tribe.