Taylor Swift has made a career out of channeling the negative energy from bad breakups into song. That was fine when all of her exes were anonymous high school boyfriends that no one will ever identify. However, now that she seems to be leaving a very public trail of celebrity beaus behind her, it’s getting a little weird.

Nobody cared who the guy was three years ago, but now every new song generates a sadistic guessing game about the inspiration. Can it get worse? We didn’t think so, but then #HaylorBreakupSongTitles started trending following news that she and One Direction’s Harry Styles had split up.

Seriously, people? You’re not going to give the breakup 24 hours before deciding how to immortalize it in song?






On one hand, we feel kind of bad for celebrities who have to deal with this sort of stuff. On the other, we’re starting to wish Taylor would take time off from dating to re-evaluate her priorities like a normal twenty-something. I guess you could say we’re concerned, but mostly we just want to stop writing Taylor Swift breakup posts.