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One of our staples here at Twitchy has been the documenting of anti-Semitism on Twitter. Every time Israel pops into the news, and sometimes when it doesn’t, there’s always a cheering chorus of Jew-hating bigots hurling epithets. Here are our worst anti-Semitic tweeters of 2012.

5. On behalf of all Sweden…

For all of the stupid things said about Israel this year, the absolute king of anti-Semitic tweeting came from Sweden. As part of a national social experiment, ordinary Swedes were given the chance to tweet from the official national Twitter feed @Sweden. Participants were advised to engage in their normal Twitter behavior, and one of them was only too happy to oblige:

4. Legal Beagle Bigot.

This guy makes the list for combining high minded legal aspirations with the use of the phrase “godless kikes.” Way to make yourself sound intelligent.

3. Fake Hitler Quote

Turkish tweeter Olcay Günay gave us one of the more creative bigoted screeds of the year by creating a fictitious quote from a historical figure.

We would give him props for his inventiveness — but he’s an anti-Semite, so let’s not.

2.  “Jews With Horns”

We’re not sure this counts as a tweet, but we found it on Twitter so we’re going with it. The Daily Beast gave us one of the silliest stories of 2012 by using an anti-Semitic stereotype as the title of its Rosh Hashanah slide show.

1. I’m not an anti-Semite, I just make blatantly anti-Semitic statements to make you think.

@superdazzle123 started an epic tweet-war by baiting conservative blogger Mary Climer with statements praising Hitler. Thinking liberal Brianna Sykes jumped in to take down the bigot and created one of the best Twitter threads of 2012. The instigator later circled back to say that the statements were only made as a logical device in the argument, but that usually does one no good after praising Hitler.

Editor’s note: Shortly after publication, we revised the order of award winners.

Editor’s note: This post has been updated to make clear that the tweet featured in number 2 is not an anti-Semitic tweet. The originally published  tweet was not endorsing The Daily Beast article. It was sharing a link to the article, and pointing out the anti-Semitic nature of the article itself.



In order to clarify further, that tweet has been removed and different tweets are now being used, which more clearly indicate non-endorsement of The Daily Beast’s slide show. We apologize for any confusion.