Former MSNBC personality David Shuster was kind enough to host fanatical anti-gun professor Erik Loomis on his lightly watched Internet talk show today. The interview was nothing special, although it’s worth watching just for the shockingly bad graphics employed by Shuster’s “Take Action News.”

A bit more interesting, however, was Shuster’s subsequent dialog with National Review’s Greg Pollowitz on Twitter. Apparently, Shuster is totally fine with the use of the phrase “head on a stick” as a metaphor, whereas the rest of us find it disturbing, disgusting and vulgar — even as a metaphor. He also seems to think the Right has a monopoly on idiots who call in death threats.

Apparently Mr. Shuster has never visited certain parts of the world where people’s heads are indeed still put on sticks, but we’ll digress on his insulated and callous disregard for those nations.

Exactly. Would Shuster be defending Loomis if he had used a map with crosshairs? The sort of thing that had people accusing Sarah Palin of resorting to “violent rhetoric”? You bet he would, and all 25 viewers of his show would be cheering behind him.

We condemned any threats against Loomis in pretty harsh terms here. However, if anyone thinks that public figures on the right don’t get death threats every day because of dehumanizing left-wing rhetoric from people like Loomis, they’re nuts.

Really, David? You really don’t think the anonymous knuckleheads on your side don’t call in death threats? I’m sure Sarah Palin (and Mitt Romney, and Ann Romney, and Wayne LaPierre, and Scott Walker, and Rick Snyder, and George Zimmerman) would probably disagree with you on that one.

No, David, you stop digging. You’re getting yourself tied in one of the ugliest logical knots we’ve seen — and we catalog Twitter rants for a living!

You can guess what happens next, right?

Of course there’s an equivalency! Only real difference is ideology and elected office. Both are public figures and boogeymen du jour for their opponents.

You took the bait, Patrick. Well done!

No you isn’t. You ain’t got no proper English, neither.

Excuse us while we repeatedly bang our heads against our keyboards. Is this man really splitting hairs between various accusations of chauvinism, yet defending a head-on-stick reference? Thank goodness he’s no longer on actual television.