It appears that Rhode Island does not enjoy a monopoly on professors tweeting vile things about the Newtown shootings. Another callous ghoul has emerged in the form of Geoffrey Miller, professor of Evolutionary Psychology at the  University of New Mexico and author of The Mating Mind: How Sexual Choice Shaped the Evolution of Human Nature. In addition to mocking people who think that God protected a young girl from death, he also seemed to blame a victim for the tragedy.

Of course, those familiar with the details of the attack know that Nancy Lanza was likely shot with her own stolen gun. Is Professor Miller suggesting that Lanza’s gun ownership is what caused the massacre? One would think that a professor of Evolutionary Psychology, of all things, would have something high-minded to say about Adam Lanza’s mental problems. A man who teaches classes like “Evolution, Brain, and Behavior” and “Human Emotions” should have plenty of well-informed ideas about what genetic traits create a child-butchering monster.  Yet, somehow, the best response he had to this atrocity was anti-religious bigotry.

Then again, considering what this man spends his days thinking about, maybe we shouldn’t be surprised at his infantile rantings.

OK, maybe that’s a below-the-belt punch, but we just couldn’t resist.

Below the belt …*giggle*