Denizens of Twitter were tweeted to quite a fireworks show tonight when an anti-semitic tweeter with the handle @superdazzle123 decided to mix it up with conservative blogger Mary Climer. The fun started with the above pro-Israel tweet from Climer.  No big deal, but for some reason, someone decided to go trolling 4 hours later.

Bad idea.

Then things got really off the chain.

Say whaaaaaaaaat?! There are a lot of way’s to respond to being called and anti-Semite, but bear-hugging Adolf Hitler is not one that we would recommend.

This is when the cavalry arrived for the forces of sanity, in the form of pro-Palestinian liberal Brianna Sykes.

Nice work, Brianna!

No, actually we won’t. Even if this is a game of devil’s advocate, it’s inexcusable.

With all due respect, people who want to live in peace don’t randomly troll strangers’ Twitter feeds by telling them to “f**k off and die.”

At this point, we should point out that praising Hitler is a bad way of trying to communicate subtle subtext.


At the end of it, we’re still not sure exactly what @superdazzle123 was trying to say. Sykes bowed out of the conversation after criticizing both sides for fighting in the first place. Of course, this merely generated another assertion that it was only Israel that wanted violence (never mind the rockets and stuff from Gaza).

Believe it or not, we only showed you the most interesting tweets. In reality, it involved two or three other people and is still raging at the time of this writing. You really should read the whole confusing thing if you’re in the mood to melt your brain. Still, we want to specially commend Mary Climer for engaging this person, and Brianna Sykes for being an honest liberal and standing up to bigotry. You all gave us a great evening of intellectually stimulating entertainment!