While the rest of the nation was worried about human suffering in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, our friends at PETA spent the day demanding a road sign memorializing dead fish. This is what they are proposing to erect at an intersection in Irvine, California:

A truckload of saltwater bass met its unfortunate demise on Oct. 11, when a container truck hit two other vehicles. The tanks holding the fish cracked, and many perished by the time first responders arrived. More of the bass met their doom when they fell to the ground after firefighters opened the truck.

Twitter users were moved to tears (of laughter) by the totally serious PETA crusade:

Others were flat-out offended, given the day’s truly tragic events.

Exit observation: Where were the fish headed? Well, they were on their way to market. Even some libs were shaking their heads at the melodrama over future fish tacos:

A better way to “honor” the tasty sea kittens? Heh: