Disney made waves today by announcing plans to buy George Lucas’ company LucasFilm Ltd. With the purchase comes the rights to the Star Wars franchise, and an announcement that Star Wars Episode 7 is coming in 2015. Lucas will neither write nor direct the film.

Star Wars fans proceeded to blow up Twitter, and most of them aren’t happy that Mickey Mouse is now in command of the Death Star.



Of course not everyone joined the lynch-the-mouse mob. Many calmer denizens see a lot of big opportunities in bringing Luke Skywalker into the Magic Kingdom.

As for us, we just want a major motion picture based on LucasFilm’s comedy video game The Secret of Monkey Island.  Do whatever you want with Jar Jar.  Just please give us Monkey Island movies!

Exit question: Was “The Phantom Menace” the worst movie ever made — or merely the most disappointing?