Today, Yoko Ono awarded her “LennonOno Grant for Peace” to pop phenomenon Lady Gaga in Iceland. Gaga is the fifth recipient of the award, following Pussy Riot, the late Gaza Strip protester Rachel Corrie, author John Perkins, and Christopher Hitchens. Ms. Ono said that Gaga has changed “the mental map” of the world, and we at Twitchy are forced to agree. Lady Gaga has indeed seared multiple images into our brains that we wish we could forget. Apparently, the award is shaped like a giant puzzle piece and comes with a monetary prize, which Gaga donated to the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

Ooooh, a piece of the sky! Yoko must have paid the fairies a lot to get a real chunk of sky.  We  just hope she got it from fair-trade sustainable fairies rather than evil corporate fairy profiteers.

Still, tweeters couldn’t help but wonder why in the world Lady Gaga deserved a freaking peace prize.

Well, she isn’t the first celebrity to win a peace prize for no apparent reason:

Certain dark corners of the co-called “peace” community were less than impressed with the fact that Yoko would give an award to someone who was willing to play a show in front of Jewish people.

We hate to say it, but at least on this point,we’re with Gaga.