Palin-haters on Twitter have always been a particularly vile species of troll, but it seems like they brought a little extra crazy to the party for Columbus Day. Here’s the tweet that started the frenzy:

That’s it, just a few words about a legitimate national holiday — which of course was more than enough to generate frothing at the mouth from the darker corners of the Twitterverse.

Say it with us now: “Murder, M-U-R-D-E-R, murder”. If you must insult, at least do it in proper English.

Really? So, Palin Derangement Syndrome was just about Columbus Day? I guess that settles that.

Also, there was this guy:

Yes, it’s just a standard-issue hate tweet by a purple egg — but in this case it was tweeted 46 times (we counted), sometimes with strings of numbers and extra punctuation to avoid spam filters.

Trust us, it’s not that she can’t handle you — it’s just that you’re an annoying troll.

Classy. Really classy. We’re sure you really broke through some walls of censorship today with all of your obscenities.

Keep up the good work, haters! We at Twitchy are happy to publish all of it so that that world knows just how intelligent and civilized you are!