Jason Alexander took to TwitLonger tonight to defend President Barack Obama against criticism stemming from his debate performance. We’ll spare you the whole thing, as most of it is standard-issue talking points, but here’s a taste:

No one prior to George W. has tried to rebuild an economy by lowering revenues to the point where the elected government of the people could not invest in their future. Why does Romney and Neo Cons want it? They want the money. It is their corporations and companies that will fill the void. And if they fail, or fail you — well, sorry. But they still got your money. Corporations and companies are in the game for PROFITS. Not government.

We could spend all night just on the proper use of the word “does” and the improper definition of neoconservatism, but it got better when Alexander decided to respond to everyone who took him on.

Maybe someone should have told him that not everyone who criticizes you is worth a response, but it was just too entertaining to watch him get angry at random people.