Tweeters across the pond are throwing their British humor into overdrive on the heels of a BBC hidden-camera report exposing a black market trade in illegal meats at London’s Ridley Market — including rats!

Of course not everyone saw it that way….

YES! Nothing wrong at all with sinking your teeth into a a delicious hunk of disease-infested cane rat! Tastes like chicken, just with a bit more bubonic plague.

Some even saw potential benefits to the new trade.

Alas, even that slight hope was soon redacted once the author realized that hipsters will eat just about anything if you add arugula and raise the price.

Vichyssoise avec Rat? Angel Hair Pasta with Rat Pesto? The culinary possibilities for innovation are endless. It’s definitely sustainable, and we’re sure Jamie Oliver will find a way to turn it into a nutritious school lunch soon. Pass the Ratatouille!