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WATCH: A Tucker Carlson fan trolls a live broadcast of Fox News hard (and have we identified the troll)?

AP Photo/Richard Drew

There was a shooting in the last few hours at Morgan State University, which is Northeast of Baltimore, in Maryland, where the liberals continue to disarm law abiding citizens and wonder why the criminals are not also disarmed. This article covers some of the events, with the caveat that goes with any breaking story:


We cannot tell you how many times breaking news is just plain wrong, so be wary of what is first reported.

But we want to focus more on the ace-level trolling that went on as Trace Gallagher tried to cover events live on Fox News at about 11:50 eastern time. You have to turn your sound up to get the full effect.

Kyle Becker transcribes most of what this god-among-men who called himself ‘Tyrone’ said:

The full text reads:

‘We all get together every Tuesday night and we watch @TuckerCarlson's show on X.’

‘We used to watch him on Fox News, obviously he's not there no more. And still being the most credible guy in the media in America, we always get together to watch Tucker Carlson.’

‘Think he's probably doing better now that he's no longer with Fox News...’

This may be greatest segment ever to air on Fox


It’s definitely up there. We are deeply disappointed that we couldn’t see Gallagher’s face or the face of anyone else at Fox News as they realized this was turning into an advertisement for Tucker on X and the caller started trashing Fox News to their faces. Just how much panic was there on the set?

The other funny thing is that for all they knew, ‘Tyrone’ was a genuine student and had an interesting story to tell, but they clearly were not willing to just let him talk. Of course, it’s probably all a prank, but the fact they didn't know ahead of time it doesn’t speak well to their journalistic standards, does it?

Needless to say, there was a lot of laughter in Twitter/X-land:

We can see Jake's point of view. 

But on the other hand … Ahahahahahahahahah!!! *points at Fox News*

That’s not a GIF, so much as a live look at Carlson’s actual reaction when listening to this caller.



Some heroes don’t wear capes.

We salute your service, sir.

We would be so here for that.

And literally as we were writing this, we might have identified who the actual caller was. A number of people said it sounded like Mark Dice (@MarkDice on Twitter/X), including ‘Alx:’


And Mr. Dice claimed it was him:

The full text reads:

Yeah, that was me who culture jammed Fox News live on air.  While shootings of any kind are terrible and it’s important to inform the public about a potential danger—cable news always exploits tragedies in order to keep viewers glued to their screens and fill the airtime with anything available to them.   In this case, some random caller whose name and identity they didn’t even bother to verify before putting on air as someone who supposedly knows what really happened.

That … seems highly credible, especially considering that Fox News didn’t seem to do anything to verify he was even a student. Still, we will not make the mistake Fox News made and assume it is true just because he said it was. Certainly having listened to his voice, we think he must have been using a voice modifying device of some kind.


So, whoever it was, we salute you! We are not sure which is more impressive—the fact he pulled it off, or complete break down in basic journalism on Fox News' part that made it possible for him to pull it off.


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