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WATCH: Acting Speaker of the House McHenry slams the gavel HARD in frustration

AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana

As we reported earlier, Speaker McCarthy was ousted today as Speaker of the House, in what some have called the shortest speakership in American history. We haven’t checked, but it has to be a strong contender for that title.


We admit that we are not experts on Congressional procedure, so we are wondering the same thing. We presume we will see another fight over who gets to be Speaker. And on a more micro level, one question that got answered is who does the things the Speaker normally does in the meantime?

So McHenry is seemingly temporary Speaker, and he doesn’t seem very happy right now:

Yeah, that gavel bang was more like a foot stomp. Here's a longer version of the moment he became effectively Speaker:

We can’t verify that Tapper said that, but it wouldn’t surprise us.


Yes, we would be all broken up inside if the Federal Government ground to a halt. Who could pressure social media companies to censor us if no one pays for government salaries? And presidential candidates don’t prosecute themselves.

If some clever video manipulator could make it look like he was slamming the gavel on one of those old timey carnival attractions, it would probably be pretty funny.

Truman always struck us as a pretty good guy, though we admit we are not experts on his presidency. His predecessor, FDR, tried to lock up every Japanese American. Truman desegregated the military.

That would be a reference to when pro-slavery Democrat Preston Brooks physically attacked abolitionist Senator Charles Sumner on the floor of the Senate, caning him until his skull was broken open. That was motivated by how Sumner insulted Senator Andrew Butler (Brooks’ cousin) by saying he had made a metaphorical mistress of ‘the harlot, slavery.' It is believed the insult hit home because it alluded to the (coercive) sexual relations between slaves and masters.


We admit by explaining the joke, we have drained all humor out of it.

Well, not the only one anymore, anyway.

Does this mean he is worthy?


Exactly what we were thinking!

Yeah, Internet, don’t sleep on this. Whatever you think of McHenry, that was a pretty startling moment.


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