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Bromance: Ilhan Omar looks at Matt Gaetz like he would make a good husband ... or brother


Is it possible that in all the chaos in the House of Representatives that somehow romance is blooming? Or maybe something even deeper than romance? Maybe even a bromance?


You know, sometimes you can sense when people are drawn to each other even if they don't know it. For instance, when Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie first appeared on Game of Thrones together, it really didn’t shock us to find out later they were getting married. 

Their chemistry onscreen went beyond acting. You could tell they were really falling for each other. And even though Star Trek: Deep Space Nine co-stars Nana Visitor and Alexander Siddig were playing characters who didn’t like each other on the show, it equally wasn’t surprising to us that they eventually tied the knot (but sadly, later got divorced). Sometimes you can just see the attraction, even if they aren’t aware of it.

To quote Bonnie Raitt in her classic Something to Talk About:

They think we're lovers kept under cover

I'll just ignore it, but they keep saying

We laugh just a little too loud

Stand just a little too close

We stare just a little too long

Maybe they're seeing something we don't, darlin'

And, well, Ilhan Omar, Representative from Minnesota definitely seems to be staring just a little too long at Florida Representative Matt Gaetz:


Here’s a version with better sound:

Yeah, speaking of signals, Mr. Gaetz…

Omar even fed the fire, albeit unintentionally, by doing a quote post of Representative Lawler’s post on X:

Here are enlarged versions of both pictures:


That description is ... something.

(And if you are wondering what all this is about brothers and husbands, it’s all a reference to reporting like this.)



Aaaaaannnnnnddddd we are dead.

Finally, Omar responds to all this ‘bromance’ talk:

So, she is showing pictures of two posts. The first is this one, the allegedly ‘normal people:’


And then she showed this one, to represent the perverted minds of conservatives:

And for our money, the funniest part of her denial is the fact she picked one which had her literally licking her lips while looking at Gaetz. There were many where she looked more innocent, but she picked that one. What is she trying to tell us?


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