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WATCH: Trump says the MF-bomb and people lose their minds (LANGUAGE WARNING)

AP Photo/Artie Walker Jr.

We are going to have drop a huge language warning right from the start. You see, Trump said what probably counts as the worst curse word in the English language:


We are not sure about the overall context, but, in the clip, Trump is basically saying that Joe Biden had him indicted because he knew Trump could beat him, saying that they were thinking ‘indict the M—F—r!’

We’ll share our own thoughts in a moment, but reactions were swift:

Of course, Jennifer Rubin is horrified:

Yes, let’s vote for Biden because Trump said a bad word. This is an actual thing an adult wrote.

Indeed, let’s take a moment to break this down. All things being equal, this author would prefer that our presidential candidates and our Presidents keep their language to PG-13 levels, at worst, if only because a parent should be able to allow their children to follow along with the elections.

But we think that ship sailed with Trump a while ago. We are old enough to remember when the debates in 2016 descended into a discussion of … um … size. Good Lord. And the left hasn’t been hesitant to be crude about Trump, with people making naked Trump statues and Stormy Daniels including detailed descriptions of Trump’s body in a book. That excerpt from her book was gleefully shared by the left on Twitter (now X).


And while we don’t remember Bill Clinton being particularly crude in his language, he created a scandal that contributed significantly to the crudeness in American politics, by making the battleground of that scandal the issue of what specifically he did with Lewinsky. If Clinton had simply acted like an adult and admitted to having an affair with Lewinsky, or at least didn’t try to claim the specific acts they did didn’t count as sex, then we wouldn’t have had to talk about what they did together, in detail, nor would we have had to talk about what kinds of stains he left on her dress. If you don’t like the turn American politics took during those years, you have to blame Bill Clinton for it. Certainly, the left doesn’t have a leg to stand on complaining about Trump’s crudeness.

But is it a reason to vote against Trump in the general election? As we keep pointing out, if a Democrat is president from 2025-2029 and the two oldest Supreme Court justices, Alito and Thomas, retire or pass on, then we could literally lose the First Amendment (not to mention the Second). Just last term, three liberal justices voted to force a person to write things on a website they disagreed with, but thankfully the conservatives agreed that this would violate the First Amendment and voted the other way. If Biden gets to replace Thomas and Alito, that victory would probably be reversed, five liberals to four conservatives. We care more about our own Freedom of Speech, than the crudeness of Trump’s speech.


That doesn’t mean parents can’t say to their children ‘you shouldn’t talk like that.’ The people who cheered him on in that clip, shouldn’t have encouraged him.

But we also wonder if there might even be a strategy to Trump’s crudeness. We’ll talk more about that in a moment.

Yeah, the crassification of American politics has been going on for a while.

That article includes a few choice examples. For instance, it has this to say about Obama:

Obama famously called Kanye West a ‘jackass,’ and on the audiobook version of his autobiography, Dreams From My Father, you can hear the future president mimicking an old high-school friend who evidently knew his Richard Pryor: ‘You know that guy ain't s—t. Sorry-ass m—f—r ain't got nothing on me.’ But it was in the pages of Rolling Stone that Obama really drew the ire of the pious, calling opponent Mitt Romney a ‘bulls—tter.’ Sometimes the dirty word is the most precise.

(Censorship added.) So, Trump wouldn’t be the first presidential candidate or president to drop an MF-Bomb, but Obama did that years before he had any real hope of being President, and a reasonable person might say that is different.


But a vote for Trump is not saying it is okay. Presidential elections are choices among a number of people. As our friend put it in this post … 

… about a month ago:

I voted against Hillary Clinton in 2016 and against Joe Biden in 2020. I had to vote for Donald Trump in order to do so. Trump has never been my candidate of choice in any primary or general election.

So we would say it isn’t hard to vote for Trump while saying such language is not okay. 

And there are hundreds, probably thousands, of leftists who have said some variation of F—k Trump. We’re not sure what point she thinks she is making.

It seems silly not to take the time to look her name up, but they are making a valid point. Trump wasn’t literally quoting her, but he still might have been referring to the time that Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib said she wanted to ‘impeach the m—f—r’ (meaning Trump). Again, language warning but you can listen for yourself, here:


So, was he referencing this statement? We don’t know, but it is plausible.

Fair point, which is why we spoke up.

Mr. Farash is easily the best Trump imitator in the business and we are fans. Here's one example of his work:


But we will say something else. Is it possible that there is a strategy, here?

For instance, when Trump first started calling Senator Warren ‘Pocahantas’ we initially thought it was a mistake. We thought the better term was ‘Fauxcahantas’ because it made it clear we were making fun of her pretending to be a Native American. We felt that to people who didn’t know that story, Trump was needlessly opening himself up to allegations that he was being a racist who was attacking her for actual Native American heritage.

But then we noticed something.

We noticed that almost every time someone called Trump a racist for calling Warren ‘Pocahantas,’ someone who understood the truth would step in and explain that in fact he was making fun of her for faking Native American ancestry. And in the process, a lot of normal people who had never paid that much attention to the issue, suddenly learned that Warren faked being a Native American to take an affirmative action slot on the Harvard faculty. Before Trump started doing that, Warren seemed like a very likely choice to be the Democratic nominee in 2020, but as time went on, Warren failed to launch and we think maybe this is why.


So, was that a happy accident? Or was Trump doing it on purpose? We honestly don’t know.

But we might see a similar phenomenon, here. How many normal people are going to decide to watch that clip, just because they want to hear Trump say the MF-bomb? And in the process, they will hear Trump’s view that he is only being prosecuted because of politics. Furthermore, you already saw people pointing out that he might have been referencing what Representative Tlaib said about him. It calls attention to the fact that Democrats were talking about impeaching him long before he did anything that actually triggered an impeachment. That in turn bolsters he argument that he is being persecuted which transfers over to his current legal woes. It might even remind them that Trump was impeached on the suspicion that he was trying to get Hunter Biden investigated by Ukrainian authorities as a way to hamper Joe Biden’s run for the White House. And that would further highlight the hypocrisy of the Biden administration actual prosecution of him.

And don’t tell us Jack Smith made the decision. They knew Smith was a partisan attack dog when they chose him to be the special counsel. That's like releasing a rattlesnake in the same cage as a hamster and then claiming you didn't know if it would eat the hamster.

In other words, Trump dropping the MF-bomb might have the effect of cutting through a lot of political noise and helping him in his quest to become president again. We are wondering again, is he doing that on purpose? Or is it a happy accident?


We admit we don’t know.


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