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WATCH: Trudeau had a terrible day on Wednesday as he made pathetic excuses for honoring an actual Nazi

Screencap from YouTube

Regular readers know that there has been a bit of a scandal in Canuckistan. Last Friday, they had President Zelensky of Ukraine at Parliament and someone thought it would be a good idea to honor a Ukrainian World War II veteran because he also fought against the Russians … who were our allies … against the Nazis. Any person who is moderately versed in history should have wondered if he was actually fighting with the Nazis and it turned out that he was not only fighting with Nazis, he was part of the SS. Indeed, his unit was involved in war crimes, and the government of Poland is investigating if they need to extradite him.


We will stress that we haven’t seen any proof that he was a war criminal, or even a specific allegation that he was one, and, as far as we know, Poland hasn’t formally accused him of being one.

But at the same time, the standard for government honor isn’t ‘well, he didn’t commit a war crime.’ Even if his service in World War II wasn’t condemnable, it doesn’t follow that it was commendable, either.

In any case, all that uproar led to the resignation of the Speaker for the House of Commons. But if Justin Trudeau thought this was the end of the scandal, he needs to think again. Yesterday, he appeared before Parliament and was absolutely carpetbombed.

First, he gave a speech for the press where he said that Canada was really sorry for his error:

Naturally, he had to throw in a reference to 2SLGBTQI+. As we have said before:

[T]here are several things wrong with this [term]. First, ‘2S’ stands for ‘two spirits’ which is apparently a real thing that members of the ‘party of science’ say with a straight face. Second, they never seem to want to tell you what the plus means. Like, if you are saying you are dedicated to a group, shouldn’t you know what the parameters of the group is, to make sure that you are not including pedophiles and other groups you might not support?

We even quoted from a Princeton website on the subject that it said it was for groups they might decide to include in the future and pointed out that there was nothing on the website that excluded pedophiles. Indeed, by what logic would the people who believe in transitioning children using sterilizing procedures argue against pedophilia? Those opposed to it can simply say ‘there are some things children can’t consent to and parents can’t do to their children.’ But what is the pro-child-sterilization movement’s argument against pedophilia?


And of course, in the same speech, Trudeau couldn’t help but say, more or less, ‘but Russia!’

This echoes his pathetic performance the other day complaining about how Russian propagandists were seizing on the story:

If you don’t want Russia to seize on things, maybe don’t give them such an easy propaganda victory. Just a thought.

Here, he is blaming Canada, again:

Then he launched into a song and we found video of him singing on YouTube:

(We are joking, naturally.)

Then he went to Parliament and the roasting began. Look, this author doesn’t typically pay very much attention to Canada and we are far from experts on the laws, rules and traditions that govern parliament. But, as we understand it, either by rule or by a very strong tradition, the Prime Minister is expected to regularly appear before their Parliament for grilling—just as they do in England—and it can be a heck of a sight.

Honestly, we think maybe we should have a similar requirement for the President of the United States. Could you imagine how different American politics would be if President Biden had to regularly appear in Congress and just have to respond to their grilling? Indeed, can you imagine how different our history would have been if every president was required to do that? Imagine Reagan sparring with Congresscritters on his stance on the Soviet Union. Imagine Bill Clinton having to appear after the Lewinsky scandal broke. Imagine George W. Bush having to defend McCain-Feingold’s speech restrictions, which was eventually struck down by the Supreme Court. Imagine Nixon fending off questions about Watergate. Imagine Obama having to answer questions about his Obamacare proposal. It not only would have been a heck of a thing to watch, but it probably would have changed how those events played out. 


In any case, on to the grilling. First, we have Conservative MP Kerry-Lynne Findlay:

And Ms. Lantsman was one of many people pushing back from any suggestion that Canada as a whole was to blame, rather than the people in charge:

And that is when Trudeau dropped his doozy of an excuse for his failure to vet that Hunka-Hunka-Waffen-SS:

That is patently absurd. A little Googling verified for us that there is basically an equivalent to the secret service in Canada, charged with protecting the Prime Minister in case someone wishes to harm him or her. They should absolutely be vetting anyone coming close to Trudeau. Further, the President of Ukraine was there, in the midst of a war against Russia. We all know Putin has been suspected in a large number of assassinations and assassination attempts, including by poison and anti-aircraft fire. Later on, we will see that a conservative member of parliament conceded that 98-year-old former Nazi Yaroslav Hunka was not a physical danger to Trudeau or Zelinsky, but we wouldn’t agree. Any person strong enough to pull the trigger on a gun might be a danger, or if they might have access to poison and a method of delivery. For all they knew before Friday night, Hunka could’ve actually been a Soviet veteran who believed that Russia had the right to conquer Ukraine, and he could’ve seen this as his opportunity to decapitate the Ukrainian opposition. And, as one wag said on Twitter/X, the older you get, the less of a deterrent life in prison becomes.


So, he is sticking to his ridiculous claim that they can’t make sure that a parliamentarian isn’t bringing a dangerous lunatic into the killing range of the Prime Minister.

Lantsman also pointed out that all of this was rich considering how often Trudeau called others Nazis:

Then Pierre Poilievre, the leader of the official opposition stood up:

Seriously, the evasiveness is ridiculous. It wouldn’t have even taken very much vetting to figure out who Hunka really was. As we previously wrote about this: ‘Seriously, does Canada not have Google?!’

Anyway, Mr. Poilievre went on and … wait a minute …  Does Poilievre read Twitchy?

The rest of this post is being written by AI, because the actual human writing this is now deceased. Rest in peace.


In any case, the grilling goes on and on:

And then he goes there:

Man, those Sikh gentlemen nodding along … yikes. Of course, Trudeau’s answer is more or less ‘how about some more socialism?’ Also, if housing is not his responsibility, how is it that a regular person's grocery bill is?

Finally, we get a bit from another member of Parliament, Kevin Vuong:

Yep, we are pretty sure that is just about the worst day someone had with a legislative body since Julius Caesar and nearly as deservedly so (we happen to think people like Brutus are the heroes of that story, making a last-ditch attempt to save the Roman Republic from becoming an empire).

We will add that we think all of this would have gone a lot better if he relied less on slick platitudes and spoke more from the heart. Imagine if he said something more like this:

Maybe I should have had my staff vet him. I trusted the Speaker to make sure his guest was appropriate but that was clearly a mistake. I’m sorry. But you know I would never in a million years knowingly honor a Nazi or set you guys up to look like fools for giving him a standing ovation. I made a mistake. I’m sorry and I hope we can move on.


Maybe he could even talk about his family’s experience with helping out World War II veterans and…

… yeah, maybe the less he talks about that the better.

Honestly, joking aside, we have put a lot of videos in this post, but this might be the most important and incredible to watch. It is absolutely excellent journalism about a brave American private investigator who found many Nazis in Canada by … *checks notes* …

LOOKING IN THE PHONEBOOK?! What the actual frak?

Seriously, watch it. What was going on was genuinely shocking and good on everyone involved in this report for exposing it.


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